Paquita`s Power Point Presentation :-) in Barcelona

The National agency in Barcelona every year organizes a Comenius meeting for all the schools in Catalonia involved in Language Projects (Comenius, Pile).
This year the meeting took place on September 18th in Barcelona.
Before that, the Comenius heads from Barcelona came to our school to evaluate our project. They praised us for the work done, and they invited us to participate in that meeting to tell the audience - the Comenius heads from Barcelona and Madrid and 500 teachers from all around Catalonia- about how we had worked in the European Legends. There were two Comenius Projects chosen as the BEST in Catalonia: one was OURS, the other was from a secondary school.
Of course we were very proud that we had been invited and we got a big success in the presentation.
SO, I want to THANK YOU to our Comenius partners: Poland, Holland, Slovenia, Portugal and Latvia for all the work we did TOGETHER in that Comenius Project. The success is also YOURS.
A big hug

PPPP - Paquita`s Power Point Presentation :-)